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Working across the luxury fashion, tv and film industries has won Christina the loyalty of VIPs worldwide, including royalty, celebrities and high profile business executives. Using her extensive experience and trusted network she now consults at both personal, brand and board level, helping people to feel, look and deliver their best.


“Christina has deep experience, an extensive network and equally engaging character”          - Finlay London


"Christina, a woman blessed with beauty and intelligence and who genuinely connects with all persons - her long experiences in the fashion field make her even more desirable on a one to one basis" - Betty Halbreich, Bergdorf Goodman


“On behalf of Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones and myself, thank you for your invaluable help during the making of Entrapment” - Twentieth Century Fox


“If you ever want to add an additional qualification to your string of achievements for the Breakfast Show, we will sponsor you for Speaker of the Year!”  - Cerruti